"We’re two sisters with gardening in our blood and compost under our
nails. We weed, mow, prune, plant and create baskets and pots to
order. Please excuse us if we take a moment to answer the phone,
our hands are probably dirty."

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Welcome to Branching Out

Welcome to Branching Out Garden Maintenance of Kent, the garden of England, where hands nurture the colours of nature.

Branching Out are a Kentish company providing Gardening services for the last 5 years, we are growing faster than the pesky weeds we pull out every day. Boasting a professional team of Gardeners on hand to help provide all general Gardening services at realistic prices. For full details or to arrange an appointment with us please call Mon-Fr 9-6pm, or e-mail us direct. Browse our website to read more about Branching Out and the services we offer. All the images on our site are an honest representation of work we have carried out, the only corners we cut are the ones that need trimming.

Quotes are available on request!

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Care & Nurturing
Care & Nurturing
We take great pride in caring for all the wonderful plants that grow in your garden.
Regular Maintenance
Regular Maintenance
We tend to your gardens, removing pesky weeds and looking after the rest.
Creating Spaces
Creating Spaces
Transforming your garden into a beautiful surrounding to enjoy.

We have the qualifications.

Our Services

Garden Clearance
Garden ClearanceBranching Out
Let's face it, not everyone has the time to maintain their properties outside space and as such many gardens are overgrown and left in a bit of a state, fret not, give us a call and let us transform that somewhat overgrown jungle into a fresh new space for you to enjoy or entertain friends. We have made a living from clearing the clutches of nature from properties, from a few square feet to larger plots of land we are far from shy to hard graft and embrace the opportunity to transform those spaces we tend to sometimes forget exist in the hope that one day it will go away/ Well, it won't, call us and let us do the dirty work. We can clear your jungle and provide a clean canvas for you to enjoy!
Soft Landscaping
Soft LandscapingBramching Out
Tired of the same old same old? Time to make some drastic changes but unsure of how to approach your Landscaping project? Again, fret not, Branching Out can help! Advice on planting, Flowerbeds, Rockeries or anything else you so desire in your Garden spaces, give us a call to arrange a property visit and we will be more than happy to discuss your ideas and help steer you in the right direction. Creating fresh, clean and calming environments are how we make a living and we very much enjoy a challenge, call us now for a free quotation.
Garden Maintenance
Garden MaintenanceBranching Out
Branching Out offer many maintenance services, albeit commercial or domestic requirements. Have an older relative unable to look after their cherished garden space or window boxes? Have a business that's taking all your time leaving none for maintaining the exterior and advertising the wrong impression? Give us a call, we CAN help and not a lot of money just a little regular maintaining will make all the difference. Some of our clients properties have had major benfits and rewards from our regular maintenance, one (pictured here) was even awarded the Shepherd Neame Pub garden of the year award!
Pots & Plants
Pots & PlantsBranching Out
Pots & Plants are a great way to brighten up any space, albeit your pathway, porch or shop exterior. Even decked areas or concrete courtyards, a few well stocked and cleverly placed pots of colour will transform your spaces into a much more enoyable environment. We can provide all types and sizes of pots and a huge amount of plants, call us or drop us a line for more information.
FloristryBranching Out
Although not our core service, we are fully trained and qualified in Floristry and able to offer Floristry services if required. Contact us for more infomration and of course our current schedule, thank you.
Anything Else?
Anything Else?Branching Out
Do you have some specific gardening requirements you cannot see on our website? Well please feel free to drop us a line via our contact form or try us on the phone (we will always try to call back if we don't answer, often we are up to our elbows in dirt) and we will do our upmost to help.

Branching Out Garden Maintenance